Massage Therapy

Are you in pain and needing relief? Perhaps you just need to relax and forget about the world around you? No matter what reason you have, our massage therapists are trained in all the best techniques. However, the thing that makes our therapists extremely valuable is their awareness of how chiropractic care and massage therapy affect one another. 

We believe in honesty and transparency, so if one of our therapists notices that you have issues that would be best treated by one of our doctors, they will let you know. Regardless, you can rest assured that you will leave our offices feeling relaxed, smelling good from the essential oils that were just kneaded into your muscles, and knowing more about how to improve your overall health and wellness!

Some of our massage specialties include:

  •  Swedish: The most common type of massage. If you have never has a massage before, or are looking for something relaxing, this is for you. Swedish Massage is a full body massage using anywhere from light to deep pressure. This type of massage is performed as a slow, gentle pace, with some variances based on the individual Therapist's style. We use organic massage cream or a cold pressed grapeseed oil along with essential oils, while various massage strokes are incorporated that warm up the muscles and release tension. 

  • Deep Tissue: This massage technique is often requested and sometimes misunderstood. Deep Tissue Massage is used to treat knotted up muscles and can provide pain relief. If you have an injury whether that be acute or something you have suffered with for years, deep tissue can sometimes provide natural pain relief.

  • Sports: Widely popular among athletes, this massage technique is not just for the intensively active. Those with chronic pain, injuries, restricted range of motion or who are beginning a new workout regime, may want to consider a sports massage. The Therapist generally concentrates on specific problem areas, stimulating circulation of blood and lymph fluids. In some cases trigger point therapy is used to break down the knots. Stretching is also incorporated to help with range of motion.

  • Prenatal/Pregnancy/Postnatal: For women after the first trimester of pregnancy or who are still in the first few months after delivery, this is a great relaxation massage. Pillows and bolsters are used to comfortably position a woman on her side utilizing slow, relaxing strokes. High-risk women, should provide a doctor's written consent prior to a massage.

We also offer Vibracussor Massage for our patients!

What is it? The action of the Vibracussor instrument is distinctly different from traditional vibration/massage instruments. Most vibration devices produce a 'back and forth' motion across the surface of the body. The Vibracussor instrument, by comparison, produces an 'up and down' compression motion (like a piston). This motion creates comfortable compression waves that travel through to the body's deepest connective tissue.

What are the benefits? There are multiple benefits to the Vibracussor but two of the main benefits are (1) Trigger Point Application: A trigger point is defined as an area of increased nociceptive activity within a muscle, associated with ischemia, palpable tenderness, hypertonicity, and referred pain. Trigger points can be treated using one of the small firm rubber tips that attach to the Vibracussor's cone-shaped head. (2) Athletic Applications: The Vibracussor can be used to enhance pre-performance warm-ups and help alleviate post-exercise muscle soreness. The rounded head and higher frequencies are commonly utilized to enhance pre-performace warm-ups. For post-exercise, utilize the rounded head or flat foam cushions, and lower frequency setting. Post-exercise muscle coreness can be dramatically alleviated by dispersing the build-up of lactic acid and other exercise-induced chemical waste products. This in turn, dramatically decreases pain and helps make chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Tilton more comfortable and easier to improve clinical outcomes in the long-term so our patients are feeling their best!