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What Our Patients Have Say

"Dr. Tilton or spinal man as he prefers to be called - has been a significant part of my healing process not just with my back but over all health. He truly is one of a kind in the best possible way. He always takes time to answer my questions and makes me feel super comfortable! He has also helped my daughter with her hip and knee. I am so thankful I walked thru the door at Tilton Chiropractic. #lifechanging"

Heidi L. (Patient since 2019)

"Dr Trent is funny, knowledgeable, and enjoys what he does. The staff can answer any questions you may have."

Kelly B. (Patient since 2009)

"Dr. Tilton is awesome! He takes the time to listen, research your x-rays, and make a plan to get you to recovery. I've been to a couple of chiropractors in the past that did not have the knowledge Dr. Tilton does and it makes such a difference in how you treat the patient. He is very personable yet professional. Whenever I walk in, Shirley always greets me with a smile and I'm welcomed like part of the family. If your searching for a 'Top Notch' Chiropractor in the Grand Rapids area.... call Dr. Tilton!! You won't be disappointed I guarantee."

Sharon T. (Patient since 2019)


by JOHN GONDA on 2022-05-23

Amazing. I have tried other chiropractors, doctors and physical therapists and no one
has been able to have the immediate success I have found with Tilton Chiro. Great
practice and awesome staff. Highly recommend !


by RICHARD WEBER on 2022-03-17

Great first visit. Dr Tilton was very good at listening to the issues I have going on and
then formulating a plan for us to correct them. Thanks Dr Tilton and staff


by TAMMY PETERS on 2022-03-15

Awesome Doctor & Staff, Trent does great treatment, never have to wait long for an


by GARY WICKER on 2022-01-06

Dr. Tilton and team provide excellent, responsive and personalized care. Highly


by DIANE MAHON on 2021-12-10

Always appreciate Dr. Tilton’s cheerful manner, knowledge and helpful guidance!

by LORI OBRIEN on 2021-08-13

Very friendly and comfortable office & staff. Dr. Trent is not only an expert in his field,
but also very whimsical & fun. I would certainly (and have) recommend this office.

"Whenever I need them, they can always get me in. They are awesome and we love them!"

Steve Y. (Patient since 2017)

"I've been seeing Dr. Trent Tilton for almost 2 years, and he has changed my life! No more chronic back and shoulder pain. I highly recommend him for your chiropractic care!"

Shanelle E. (Patient since 2018)

"I absolutely recommend Dr. Trent Tilton for your chiropractic care. I've been going to him almost every week for two years. my low back pain is almost nonexistent. My occurrence of migraines has diminished. My plantar fascitis is gone! Dr. Trent takes the time to listen to my newest complaints and works to help resolve them. He is knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. There's little to no waiting for my appointment time. Even last minute appointments are accommodated. If you are looking for some chiropractic care I highly recommend Tilton Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Grand Rapids. "

Julianne J. (Patient since 2018)

"Taking the first step to visit Tilton’s office was one of the beat decisions I’ve made for my overall health. At first, I begrudgingly started because my partner kept hounding me to go. I don’t have any “back problems” per se, and have not really ever experienced the back pain that usually drives people to chiropractic care. I personally believe that healthcare should be focused on healing and resolving the problem instead of the symptoms, and I learned that Trent shares that belief. To put it simply, I was told that he feels the spine controls the entire body and if the spine isn’t aligned properly, the proper information can’t be sent to the rest of the body, causing problems that are seemingly unrelated to the spine and preventing the body’s natural ability to heal. So I went to my first appointment. Trent took the time to explain his philosophy and we discussed some of the other health problems I was experiencing. In addition to focusing on my spine though, we discussed all of my problems. It turns out, after xrays, my back was not in as great of shape as I thought and we were able to tie most of my health issues back to those problems areas in my back. I thought I’d give him a try. In the last 2 years, he has looked at my minor sports injuries and pointed me towards a new way of eating. I’ve obviously become significantly more healthy, lost almost 100lbs and have only visited my primary care physician’s network for a broken bone and monitoring my health. I have since downgraded my health insurance because I’m comfortable and confident that outside of a medical emergency, my body is most equipped to take care of itself through weekly adjustments and monitoring by Trent."

Jamie O. (Patient since 2018)

"Tilton Chiropractic is the best. Friendly staff. Cheerful environment. You can always get an appointment when you need one. I had a bad back ache when I first started working from home.... Trent fixed it... as usual. He is amazing. He is so involved with his patients and really cares about their well being. He is always so happy and enthusiastic when I am in the office. Trent is interested in my health and always gives me great ideas and suggestions about treating my body properly. He is a GREAT CHIROPRACTOR. When I first started to go to him for a pain in my neck he was so helpful. After a series of treatments, I was just as good as NEW. Pain was gone. Surgery was suggested by another Doctor... No surgery... and my neck is fine to this day. He is a true HEALER."

Shelly A. (Patient since 2010)

"Doc T has been 'turning on the power' for myself and my family for the past several years. While I still son't like the neck adjustments (I've see too many action films where...snap!), he works with me to make it work. I highly, HIGHLY recommend him! 2 thumbs way up!"

John C. (Patient since 2010)

"Dr. Trent is the absolute best chiropractor I can imagine having! I have seen other well trained chiropractors for several years because of chronic back pain and health related complications, but there is NO comparison to how Dr. T adjusts, how he relates to his patients, and how he cares for each person so individualistically! His skill set is amazing, his adjustments are done with excellence, he is pleasant and upbeat, he will challenge your thinking, your lifestyle and what you thought was good health. My chronic pain is so much better managed now because Dr. T is a great teacher and he will be my doctor for life. He really is THAT good!"

Dawn S. (Patient since 2014)

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